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Himalayan Mustard Honey
Product Code
Measurement Unit
Rs.550 / Can
Minimum Order
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  • ( 24 - 500 ) Can :  Rs. 550/Can
  • Quality Export
  • Material Natural Honey
  • Taste Natural Mustard Honey
  • Preservative No preservative
  • Weight 350 gm per Can Jar
  • Packaging Food grain Pet Jar with can lid
  • Order delivery time Based on quantity ordered

Mustard are commonly farmed cooking vegetable in Nepal. Mustard seed oil is used as the primary cooking oil in many Nepali households.  The mustard is grown in foothills of mountains as well as in inner Tarai region in Nepal. It is a winter crop from Tarai to the mid hills where as it is a summer crop for the high hills up to 2000 m. above sea level. Plant blossoms at the end of the growing season and bee forages both nectar and pollen from small yellow flower. Since earlier times, different parts of the mustard plant have been proven beneficial in treating cancer, diabetes, and detoxification of the body.
Mustard blossom honey is filled with natural anti-oxidants that helps in boosting the immune system, in reducing the risk of heart attacks and overall improves health. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory healing properties. An easy and safe choice to treat minor wounds and burns. It is used as a remedy for a sore throat and cough. It will relieve the body from fatigue as it helps the body to maintain?glycogen levels. Mustard honey is a very common honey in Nepal and it has been used in many communities for years. Mustard Honey is pleasant in taste, sweet, aromatic, and light yellow in color.

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