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Our Core Team Members
We are a sincere company with straight forward vision. We believe that there is an amazing amount to be learned by working in a “real world” web based business to business trading environment alongside all stakeholders involved. We aim to establish a successful business in the trading domain and hopefully improve the overall trade deficit of Nepal albeit by a few digits. With this in mind, we started to come together and work in 2016. Three of us met during our Masters of Technology and Innovation management course. From there we slowly started to refine the idea and gradually began to find solid, like minded professionals to give shape to the project. We’ve had a wonderful journey so far with many highs and lows, and now we feel confident that we can provide a robust online business environment to both our suppliers and buyers.
Er. Pukar Thapa
Co-Founder, +977-9851123789
Pukar carries years of experience in Web, API, and database development working in various reputed national and international companies. He is a computer engineer and also a graduate of Msc in Technology and Innovation Management from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Nepal. He started coding from his school days, carried on that passion throughout his academic and professional career. Cumulating this with various trainings, workshops, and formal involvements, he brings a bundle of technical expertise at He is an architect and core developer of this system. But more importantly his influence and leadership has always driven the company forward.
Er. Ananta Man Singh
Co-Founder, +977-9841272892
Ananta is a founding member at He assumes the role of business development and research head. He is a distinction holder of Msc in Technology and Innovation Management from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Nepal. He brings in professional experience of working more than seven years with various organizations. He has also been involved in different domestic and international research projects over the years and traveled to many countries including England, Scotland, and Bhutan as a Multi-criteria Decision Making expert. Honest, reliable and supportive, Ananta has been an integral part of the team.
Er. Deepak Dhakal
Co-Founder, +977-9841416231
Deepak Dhakal is a proficient professional with many years of experience in software development and software consulting. Though from Computer Engineering background, he has adequate experience working in different domains of the market including medicines, importing business, and Trekking and Tours to name a few. He is M.Sc in Technology and Innovation Management from IOE, Pulchowk Campus, Nepal. He leads the Marketing domain of His communication skills, positive attitude and pitching abilities have been invaluable in our journey.
Mr. Awadh Ram Singh Chaudhary
Expert, Microsoft Development
Awadh Ram Singh Chaudhary has more than fifteen years of experience in developing software in different platforms. He is an expert in Microsoft Development. He spent his early professional days working in India with various international firms. He later moved back to Nepal and currently divides his time working with and his other commitments. Cooperativeness, calmness and problem solving is in his nature. These qualities coupled with his technical expertise have helped us to take to its current state today.